Customization Design by KAIDON®





KAIDON® - The world’s very first company to provide customizable brake rotors







Customization Design by KAIDON®


Kaidon has launched this exclusive service of rotor customization for enthusiasts looking to add a unique touch to their car outlook. In this modern era, cars are manufactured with bigger-sized rims, making the brake components visible from the outside without much concealed area.


Remaining using the old style of disc brake rotor was outdated 


And for this reason, Kaidon allows you to design your own rotor – to suit your imagination and perception. Kaidon has machined countless amounts of rotors and boasts a solid presence in the automotive industry. Our special Machine Job will reassure that the rotors are exclusively designed to showoff well through your wheels!


We are able to engrave on your personalized rotors any Wordings of your choice, such as personal name, car brand name, company name, song lyrics, and even Symbols, Logos and Trademarks! The rotors will be topped off with KAIDON® Ceramic Friction to ensure the exclusive disc rotors function as excellent as they look!  


Imagine and KAIDON® Custom Made will fulfill your wild imaginations. Think about surprising your wife or girlfriend with a nice ride on her birthday. We are able to sweeten the occasion by personalizing her name on the disc rotors, and topping it off with our very own KAIDON® ceramic friction – The only rightful ingenious way to portray your commitment and love!


KAIDON® Custom Made - Imagination Without Limits. You Request, We Fulfill.

KAIDON® Custom Made – Unique Design on Every Facet of the Brake Rotors.

KAIDON® Custom Made – The Very First, Worldwide.





For inquiry about KAIDON® custom made, please email to us at  attn: Custom Made officer