how to upgrade Proton Saga 3rd Gen brake performance in 10minutes?


  • Do you know that the stock original "Proton Saga 3rd Gen" Brake System is just enough for normal driving?

  • Do you know that Brake Rotor needs to replace every 20,000-70,000KM?

  • If you never replace Brake Rotor for more than 3 years, the chance of an accident is increased by 5 times

  • Always driving at high speed, surely you need to upgrade your brake system

  • Always heavy load on your "Proton Saga 3rd Gen", of course, you need an upgraded brake system

  • Always experienced a lack of responsiveness in emergency conditions?

  • Every day you need to drive on the mountain road, you got to upgrade your "Proton Saga 3rd Gen" brake

  • Often rush to get to the destination by "Fast & Furious" mode with your "Proton Saga 3rd Gen" 

  • Sometimes your wife your sons your family members will get into your "Proton Saga 3rd Gen" and drive him out also, for safety reason, you need upgrading on the brake


  • Your "Proton Saga 3rd Gen" is your daily drive, in and out for work, for highway hi-speed, for the long journey purpose, you need upgrading on the brake


Some"Proton Saga 3rd Gen" drivers complaint that their brake performance was insufficient during heavy load, high speed, especially hard braking.

Definitely, a sedan car like "Proton Saga 3rd Gen" tuned for family driving or city driving was sometimes too normal to be true that brake performance is not sufficient.

We understood that you are very worried about your family driving on the road far away from you especially without a sufficient brake system, lack of brake performance. Because we are a driver too, we also worry about our family when they are driving on the road without a sufficient brake system.


Customer review & testimonial, take a look at how they experienced after purchased our product :



And most customers came back and purchase for 2nd time because they never compromise with the lacking of brake performance. Absolutely, we provide high product quality, the effect cannot be deceived.



We know some driver always overload their vehicle to fully utilize the commercial purpose.  
There can be many reasons you are carrying heavy, but remember to upgrade your braking performance to ensure you are still available to "Stop Like Never Before"











Nowadays so simple and easy to upgrade your "Proton Saga 3rd Gen" brake system with a newly invented performance disc brake rotor from the Kaidon brake. Just buy it online here, and when you receive it, just bring it to any workshop or tire shop to replace it in just 10 minutes. Just plug and play, even you may replace it with DIY (do it yourself).




You don't even need to waste time searching for a bigger size rotor, wasting time searching for a bigger size caliper or bigger master pump. 

What you need is just a 10-minute simple upgrade to the Kaidon Ceramic Friction disc brake rotor.















Take action now, it takes you 10-minutes to upgrade your brake performance



  1. Excessive Use of Brake Pads, Brake Rotor & Brake Shoe

  2. Failure to Change Worn Out Brake Pads & Shoes & Rotor

  3. Driving Through Mud & Flood Without Care

  4. Failure to Lubricate the Brake Pads & Shoes 

  5. Overloading the Car



So now you just need 10-minutes to upgrade your "Proton Saga 3rd Gen" brake performance, take action now



Take action now, it takes you 10-minutes to upgrade your brake performance:



Life is a one-way ticket, everyone deserves a peace-in-mind journey with extra safety, upgraded brake system. What we need is just a 10-minute solution, we are here and ready for you. Yes, it takes you just 10-minutes for the upgrading.


What did she feel?

What did he feel?

Never regret it, you need a 10-minute upgrading solution to enjoy much better brake performance. Replace it now, as soon as possible, "Stop Like Never Before"















Take action now, it takes you 10-minutes to upgrade your brake performance


The Founder :

[ Double Safety ] Feature - Brake pad failure when the friction finished unaware, pad block drop out, pad overheat. Kaidon®CeramicFriction brake disc rotor provided Double Safety even your brake left the only metal. And don't worry, we still retain some friction embedded on the rotor surface to ensure your brake still functioning. First in the world with patented technology.


[ Driving Pleasure ] Feature - Kaidon®CeramicFriction brake disc rotor with extra responsiveness, extra grip, advanced braking technology, these allow drivers to enjoy more freedom, peace of mind, enhance handling with pleasure on the road. Feel the real "Stop Like Never Before" with our reinvented technology, the only one in the market.


[ Safer Speeding ] Feature - most OE brake systems only setting for certain speed limit the same as some nation never allows over speeding. Thus, the ordinary car always lacks the confidence to speed up during the required condition, maybe just a short overcut, or a downhill speeding. Kaidon®CeramicFriction brake disc rotor purposely tuned ceramic friction that will allow minor upgrades for every driver to enjoy safer speeding. As our tagline "Stop Like Never Before" will make your journey happier with safety upgrading. 


[Overload Braking] Feature - In developing nations, people who carry heavy and overload for many reasons tend to fully utilize their transport equipment as a livelihood tool, maybe for sending their crop harvest, equipment, luggage, tools, passenger, passenger, etc. Nevertheless, upgrading a better brake component is the only way. Take a try on the Kaidon®CeramicFriction brake disc rotor that specially fabricate to enjoy extra grip and extra brake force while overloading. As mention in our tagline "Stop Like Never Before".



Take action now, it takes you 10-minutes to upgrade your brake performance









































Take action now, it takes you 10-minutes to upgrade your brake performance

Take action now, more and more drivers changed their brake with Kaidon Brake

Take action now, it takes you 10-minutes to change your brake performance



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