Kaidon model type "RS" spec







[ Double Safety ] Feature - Brake pad failure when the friction finished unaware, pad block drop out, pad overheat. Kaidon®CeramicFriction brake disc rotor provided Double Safety even your brake left the only metal. And don't worry, we still retain some friction embedded on the rotor surface to ensure your brake still functioning. First in the world with patented technology.


[ Driving Pleasure ] Feature - Kaidon®CeramicFriction brake disc rotor with extra responsiveness, extra grip, advanced braking technology, these allow driver enjoy more freedom, peace of mind, enhance handling with pleasure on the road. Feel the real "Stop Like Never Before" with our reinvented technology, the only one in the market.


[ Safer Speeding ] Feature - most OE brake systems only setting for certain speed limit same as some nation never allow over speeding. Thus, the ordinary car always lacks confidence to speed up during the required condition, maybe just a short overcut, or a downhill speeding. Kaidon®CeramicFriction brake disc rotor purposely tuned ceramic friction that will allow minor upgrades for every driver to enjoy safer speeding. As our tagline "Stop Like Never Before" will make your journey happier with safety upgrading. 


[Overload Braking] Feature - In developing nation people who always carry heavy and overload for many reasons they tend to fully utilize their transport equipment as a livelihood tool, maybe for sending their crop harvest, equipment, luggage, tools, passenger, etc. Nevertheless, upgrading a better brake component is the only way. Take a try on Kaidon®CeramicFriction brake disc rotor that special fabricate in order to enjoy extra grip and extra brake force while overloading. As mention in our tagline "Stop Like Never Before".